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individual coaching

  • Leaders
  • Frames, managers
  • Anyone looking to improve professional situation
For what? 
  • Take stock freely, without being judged
  • (Re)visit one's journey, stages, transitions in order to bring out talents, strengths and weaknesses
  • Work on inner energy, feelings, emotional experience in order to strengthen leadership
    Learn to say "no"
  • Explore new avenues of personal development, outside the comfort zone
  • Gain confidence, vitality, joie de vivre
  • 1st interview(free) to agree on the purpose and practical terms
  • 5 interviews(most often) 

  • Annotated report/assessment of suggestions or recommendations

  • Face-to-face and/or online interviews
  • Interviews in French or English
  • Coaching at the request of an Employer: Contact me
  • Rate: contact me 



  • Management Committee

  • Team recomposed following merger, restructuring, ...

  • start-up

For what?

  • Strengthen team spirit, the spirit of belonging

  • Manage tensions and conflicts

  • Boost the performance of a team, the spirit of conquest

  • Strengthen the legitimacy of everyone within the team

  • Improve interpersonal interactions

  • Know each other better


(for illustrative purposes)

  • MBTI Personality Questionnaire

  • opinion poll on role and difficulties

  • sharing of results

  • role playing 

  • lifting of emotional stamps

  • writing an action plan

  • Organize a team building: Contact me

  • Rate: Contact me



  • New entrants
  • Employees in career transition
  • Potential successors as part of a succession plan

For what?

  • Thoroughly assess the different facets of personality and leadership


  • personality quiz Sosie 2nd Generation 

  • 360° feedback questionnaire (optional)

  • Interview(s) "One to One"

  • Written and oral report to the parties concerned (employee, hierarchy, HR manager)

  • For any other need (recruitment, ...): Contact me

  • Rate: Contact me

leadership workshop

  • Anyone seeking leadership development

For what?

  • Reinforce your assertiveness whatever the audience

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Get rid of impostor syndrome

  • Get "the most" from your team by taking an interest in each of them


  • 20% theory, 80% practice

  • Role games

  • Work situations proposed by the participants,and peeled in small groups

  • Suggestions and testing of ideas conducive to uniting a team

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