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herbe humide

Articles, ideas, references gleaned from           my meetings and readings, while working on the field.                                                                        Don't hesitate to capture them! 

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Get out of ready to think

Routine is boring, exhausting. Habits are useful but restrictive. We're lacking air, we're facing continuous pressure.

Taking steps on the left? The “step on the left” takes us off the beaten, worn, familiar path; it allows us to take a step back from our beliefs, from those of others. Observing, listening, speaking, exchanging, debating with others, are gestures within everyone's reach and all the easier as they are supported by a caring environment.

One step on the left or one step ahead? "Strength always lies in the ability to anticipate future events and the reaction of others; and in the courage to take the risk of acting beforehand" Jacques Attali reminds us (Quelques coups d’avance, Les Echos, 09.16.2023). 

Both! Keeping one step ahead without forgetting to anticipate the reaction of others and  thwart internal resistance, and - for the sake of prudence - multiplying steps on your left in order to pursue in parallel other short-term objectives. 

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