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individual coaching

I liked this sentence: "I am not a problem; I have a problem"
Personally, I need to deepen my relationship to failure
I understood that it is necessary to concentrate on the search for solutions, instead of looking for culprits
I feel light, free!  Now I'm ready for a fresh start
The engineer that I am is discovering the importance of the human factor. This interests me a lot!
I like to understand, to create from scratch, to develop. I can do it on several subjects; I have done it many times. I realize that I am a developer!



Before there was something unsaid between us; I speak little myself. I understood that we had to be able to tell where we are at 
I feel part of something big, I want to belong to this team 
Raising stamps is a powerful tool that de-dramatizes; you can wear a lot of stamps without knowing it; as of Monday, I will set up an exchange framework for my team; I will identify the stamps to raise
I'm surprised, I didn't think I had a stamp with her. I will be careful in the future. Every morning, I go and poke my head at my colleagues to ask if there are any stamps to raise (laughs)

professional report

I am surprised, moved. Your questions led me to remember episodes of my life that explain who I am today, at least in part
I knew I was introverted but I didn't know that an introvert could influence others. So me?
To grow professionally, I have to accept that I don't know everything
I did everything to help others, but by dint I realize that I suffocated them (crying)
I was not really myself in my previous job, it made me sad and disillusioned. I am happy to have started a professional retraining 

leadership workshop

I understood that managing a team is about focusing on others, not on yourself
By paternalizing, we infantilize. I will write this sentence above my desk!
I learned a lot of things; I feel like I got a free master's!
I understood that it is first necessary to value the collaborators for what they are, and to push them to do even better
I want to convey the right message, listen to the non-verbal, reassure my collaborators that they can speak without fear
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