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How can I help you?

Let's exchange by email or telephone to identify as clearly as possible your need

  • Make a professional assessment, boost your career, get out of a stressful or crisis situation, strengthen your leadership, better interact with others, improve relations with the hierarchy, gain respect, gain confidence, give meaning to your life, or simply because "I'm not going well"...  

  • Evaluate the potential of the team, detect the talents of tomorrow as part of a succession/succession plan, set up a development plan for employees, train employees in the feedback culture, lead a team building in a context of unspoken and growing distrust...

Each proposal from service  is discussed with you and improved to meet your needs as closely as possible.
The services offered below are intended for Individuals and Companies of all sizes and in all sectors. 

individual coaching

  • Leaders
  • Frames, managers
  • Anyone looking to improve professional situation
For what? 
  • Take stock freely, without being judged
  • (Re)visit one's journey, stages, transitions in order to bring out talents, strengths and weaknesses
  • Work on inner energy, feelings, emotional experience in order to strengthen leadership
    Learn to say "no"
  • Explore new avenues of personal development, outside the comfort zone
  • Gain confidence, vitality, joie de vivre
  • 1st interview(free) to agree on the purpose and practical terms
  • 5 interviews(most often) 

  • Annotated report/assessment of suggestions or recommendations

  • Face-to-face and/or online interviews
  • Interviews in French or English
  • Coaching at the request of an Employer: Contact me
  • Rate: contact me 



  • Management Committee

  • Team recomposed following merger, restructuring, ...

  • start-up

For what?

  • Strengthen team spirit, the spirit of belonging

  • Manage tensions and conflicts

  • Boost the performance of a team, the spirit of conquest

  • Strengthen the legitimacy of everyone within the team

  • Improve interpersonal interactions

  • Know each other better


(for illustrative purposes)

  • MBTI Personality Questionnaire

  • opinion poll on role and difficulties

  • sharing of results

  • role playing 

  • lifting of emotional stamps

  • writing an action plan

  • Organize a team building: Contact me

  • Rate: Contact me



  • New entrants
  • Employees in career transition
  • Potential successors as part of a succession plan

For what?

  • Thoroughly assess the different facets of personality and leadership


  • personality quiz Sosie 2nd Generation 

  • 360° feedback questionnaire (optional)

  • Interview(s) "One to One"

  • Written and oral report to the parties concerned (employee, hierarchy, HR manager)

  • For any other need (recruitment, ...): Contact me

  • Rate: Contact me

leadership workshop

  • Anyone seeking leadership development

For what?

  • Reinforce your assertiveness whatever the audience

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Get rid of impostor syndrome

  • Get "the most" from your team by taking an interest in each of them


  • 20% theory, 80% practice

  • Role games

  • Work situations proposed by the participants,and peeled in small groups

  • Suggestions and testing of ideas conducive to uniting a team

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